Buyer guide: Creating an offer request

Use our wizard to describe the energy problem you are looking a solution for. 

Creating user account

Buyer first creates an user account. If you represent a Buyer with many industrial sites or properties under management, you can create and manage several customer accounts under one user account. Subscription is always tied to a specific customer account.  

Creating customer account

In order the create an Offer Request, you need a customer account. This is done when logged into the AEM-service with your user account. When creating a user account, you select what type of Buyer you are and give the basic information on the industrial site or property. Each customer account is tied to a specific site/property.

You can invite additional people to your customer account for no additional cost. For example an industrial company can invite team members to a particular site's customer account.

Offer request creation

The unique offer request is created using a wizard. The template will prompt the Buyer to add site specific information such as current energy usage and project location. You can also include attachments or links to a video in your Offer Request. 

Based on the data submitted by the Buyer, we automatically generate the offer request project page. The offer request is published on the Marketplace. Providers registered on AEM will automatically receive an email about a new Offer Request that fits their profile.     

Invite others to the customer account

Many energy project offer requests have a need to include site historic energy data or other specific information. You can invite additional people to your customer account. The email invite to the person wished to join the project and to fill in the needed data is sent via the AEM platform. You find this feature under "Organization" when you clink the drop-down menu next to your username when logged in the service.

Unique offer Request publication

Once the Offer Request has been published on the marketplace, there is a two-week time window that Providers can use to submit additional questions about the project. The questions and answers are posted on the project page to help all Providers to understand the Buyer's project need better. After the Q&A period the offer period starts. The offers are delivered to the Buyer's customer account.         

Controlling the Offer Request access

You can choose to hide the unique offer request from the marketplace. If this option is chosen, to view detailed info, the Providers need to request to access the data. Providers do this by clicking a button "Request access". Buyer will receive the Provider's company and contact person name, and link to the company's website over email. If the Provider's request is approved, a link to the project page is sent to the Provider.