Financing your energy project

At Action Energy Market, Buyers can receive both technical offers for their energy projects, as well as financing offers. 

Financing options for Buyers

After the Buyer has selected the most suitable technical solution from the offers received, they can with one click post a financial offer request in our financing platform, Action Energy Finance Market (AEFM). Some of the Technical Providers may also provide a financing solution as part of their technical solution offering. 

At AEFM, we will support the most commonly used financing structures such as PPA, energy-as-a-service, lease financing, loan financing and energy performance contracting (EPC). When you make a financial offer request you can indicate your preferred financing option.  AEFM will be launched during 2023. 

For Financing Providers

We are currently developing the Action Energy Finance Market (AEFM). We aim to launch the financing service during 2023. The project financing requests in the AEFM are received from the individual Licensee run Action Energy Markets (AEMs).