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Action Energy Market enables finding solutions and financing for energy projects in multi-family buildings. We also enable forming of energy communities

Action Energy Market (AEM) brings together property managers, homeowner associations, solution providers and financing.  We license AEM cloud software for smart cities, property managers and energy companies. With the AEM platform, our Licensees enable their stakeholders to buy and finance energy improvement projects. You can also initiate an energy community using AEM or make your energy community offering available on the AEM platform.  

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Action Energy Market matches energy project Buyers with Solution Providers

Action Energy Market now supports the energy project needs of housing associations in multi-family buildings. We are soon expanding to serve small and medium size industry and commerce.   

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We are making energy project buying easier in 3 steps

1. Buyers create an offer request using ready templates
2. Solution Providers respond with technical offers
3. Financing request for the chosen solution can be created with one click

Read here more about the buying process. 

Offer request templates for the most common energy projects in multi-family buildings 

Read here about the ready offer request templates in the Action Energy Market platform. 

Read here how we enable communication between housing associations and property managers. 

Our Licensees: property managers, cities, energy companies

Action Energy Market (AEM) is provided as a licensed cloud software solution, readily populated with technical solution providers and financing options. Read here how and why to become a Licensee of AEM -platform.  

Cost effective origination

Solution Providers that register with Action Energy Market (AEM) get a boosted access to customer deal flow and are able to expand the geographic range of their operations.

All AEM offer requests are quality checked. Read here what we offer for Providers.   

Forming of energy communities

Action Energy Market also enables forming of energy communities. This works in as follows: 1) Create an offer request to receive planning and implementation offers for your own energy community,  2) Find additional members for an energy community you are planning to form, 3) If you are a service provider with energy community offering you can make that offering known for potential customers in a certain area. 

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Action Energy Market (AEM) digitizes energy project offer process. Our aim is to make buying of better energy solutions easier.   

For Licensees: AEM is a powerful tool to engage private stakeholders

AEM is a carefree and cost-effective solution that does not require technical expertise or integration from the licensee. AEM software platform operates in the cloud and comes readily populated with service providers. Therefore, it is quick and easy to get started. AEM platform look & feel and user language is adjusted for each licensee. 

For Buyers: Find qualified technical and financial offers

With our simple-to-use templates, Buyers can create an offer request for their energy project. The platform guides Buyers to include all the necessary data needed for a quality offer. Buyers receive offers from Solution Providers directly to their account. Once the Buyer has chosen a Solution Provider, Buyer can also request financing offers for the energy project.   

For Buyers: Better communication between the housing association and property manager

AEM platform allows for inviting all the relevant parties to participate in the offer request creation; Buyers can share access to their customer account with maintenance manager and other housing company board members as needed. The platform enables messaging, sharing documents and filling the offer request template together.   

For Providers: Reduce deal origination cost

It is estimated that up to 40% of an energy project cost is due to transaction costs; large part of this cost is related to deal origination. Providers can start saving and boosting their deal origination with Action Energy Market. Whenever a new marketplace is opens up under a new licensee, Providers are automatically asked if they would like to receive offer requests from this new Marketplace. 

About us

Our team combines decades of energy sector experience with software expertise. Contact us directly if you want to discuss licensing of Action Energy Market SW solution. Alternatively you can send us a message  via the website.