We have collected below the most often asked questions. 

Energy project is a project that aims to improve energy efficiency, heating system, ventilation efficiency or other energy aspect in the building. The energy project can thus be a consulting project, implementation of an actual new solution or maintenance/improvement of existing solution.   The project can also be related to lighting, EV charging or other building energy improvement. Some examples of projects: 

-  Installing EV charging station
-  Carrying out a energy efficiency survey
-  Installing LED lighting in a building
-  Updating building heating solution 
-  Ground-heat pre-study that enables the residential housing company to make a decision on a ground heat project
-  Finding a consultant that is able to help in drafting energy investment grant application for a building

Buyer is a commercial, residential or industrial customer who has an energy problem needing a solution. Providers are of two different kinds: technical providers (energy technology companies and project developers) and financial providers (banks, leasing financing companies, infrastructure funds and other financing parties interested in the energy market). 

When a Buyer is looking for a solution to an energy problem, they first need to create an offer request which describes the project needs. The offer request includes all the relevant information that Providers need in order to make Buyers a quality offer. Creating an offer request is straightforward with Action Energy Market ready templates. Read more here about the offer request creation.

We estimate it take about 0.5-1 months from the moment the Buyer starts drafting the offer request to the Buyer a signed agreement in hand. If the Buyer decides to request financing offers for the chosen technical solution, add one month to the process duration. 

Action Energy Market cloud software Licensees (smart cities, property managers, energy companies, etc) pay a yearly license and maintenance fee. In the launch phase some adaptation work may be needed which charge as hourly/daily work. 

The Licensees are free to decide what the monthly subscription prices for Buyers and Providers is on their own marketplace. The Licensees can also choose to provide the service for free for their stakeholders. AEM platform use Stripe for payments which enables the use of all major credit card, online banks and other payment providers in a particular country. Read more about Licensee pricing here

Action Energy Market aims to make energy project buying easier and also to substantially lower energy project transaction costs by digitalising the buying process. Smart cities, energy companies and property managers have a need to support their stakeholders such as residential housing companies to implement energy improvement projects. There are very few tools that are currently on the market to help in this work. 

Our aim is to provide a tool that dramatically improves the buying experience for all participants.  Currently project transaction costs can be up to 40% of the total project costs when carried out in the traditional, bilateral matter. Lots of energy (efficiency) projects that have very short payback times are not carried out because the buying process is difficult and time consuming. Searching for financing offers for small energy projects is also cumbersome. 

Yes. Once the Buyer has chosen the preferred technical solution, with one click the Buyer can post the technical solution on the Action Energy Finance Market (AEFM) to receive financing offers. Some of the technical providers may also include a financing solutions as part of their technical offer. 

AEFM will be operational by the first half of 2023.  

We have created a special page which collects the buying process info. Access the page here .