Action Energy Market distinguishes between two different type of providers: technical solution providers and financing providers.  

Technology Provider

Offer requests are created by Buyers using ready templates and are posted in the Market for offers. Registered Providers receive offer requests that suit their profile directly to the email with which they have registered to the service. A registered Provider can receive offer requests from various Marketplaces, i.e. from separate Marketplaces hosted by various Action Energy Market -platform Licensees. Before an offer request is posted in the Market, we make sure it fulfills the quality standards. 

Financing Provider

There are several Action Energy Markets (AEMs) hosted by our Licensees but only one central market for Financing providers called Action Energy Finance Market (AEFM). The AEFM collects the financing offer requests from the various AEMs hosted by our Licensees. Financing providers use the AEFM to originate energy financing deals. Action Energy Finance Market will launch during 2023. If you are a Financing Provider, contact us for more information.

Offer request timeline

Once a new offer request is posted on the Action Energy Market, Providers have two weeks to ask additional questions from the Buyer. Provider questions and answers to them are shown to all Providers on the project page. In simpler consulting projects the Q&A period is not utilized. The offer period opens after the question period closes and lasts typically for two weeks. Solution Provider offers are submitted using Action Energy Market templates and are received by the Buyers in their customer accounts. 


When the Buyer chooses a Provider's offer, an agreement is digitally signed in the Action Energy Market service between the two parties. After this stage the project moves "off the platform" and final project delivery agreements are signed between the Buyer and Provider outside of the platform. 

Save time with templates

Offers typically have many reusable parts such as customer references, company descriptions and quality and safety documents. Providers can store this information in the organization profile and use it automatically pre-filled in the offer template.    

Action Energy Market

Action Energy Market (AEM) is where technical offer requests are posted for offers. The published Offer Request are sent to registered Providers according to their profile over email. Buyers are also asked to rate their buying experience and can view case studies of the projects of previous Buyers.