We license the Action Energy Market cloud software solution to smart cities, property management companies, energy companies and other entities that want to engage their stakeholders to implement energy improvement projects.   

Price for licensing Action Energy Market

Action Energy Market (AEM) software solution is offered with a licensing model to smart cities, property managers and energy companies. The annual license and maintenance fee allows the Licensee to run AEM without technical worries. Features can be added or removed and language preferences set as wished by the Licensee. The Marketplace comes populated with service providers: the licensee can encourage local service providers to register as well. Contact us directly for license pricing.

Pricing for Buyers and Providers

For Buyers and Providers, basic registration at Action Energy Market is free. Once Buyer wants to create an offer request or Provider wants to submit an offer, they need to create a customer account The pricing level of customer account creation can vary among marketplaces as it is set by the Licensee of the MarketplaceProviders can receive order requests from all of the Licensee marketplaces, independent of which marketplace they initially registered in.

Monthly subscription terms

Buyers and Providers can terminate the customer account monthly subscription at any time. The subscription pricing is set by the Licensee. We use Stripe for the monthly subscription payment, which allows using credit cards, online bank payments and other online payment methods that are supported in wide variety of countries.